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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  May 31, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> we will have oil leaking from this well until august when the relief wells will be finished. >> the new plan entails complex underwater surgery. first slicing off the broken pipe that once rose to the surface, which is now bent like a straw over the crippled blowout preventor.
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once they hack through the 21- inch thick pipeline, engineers guiding deep see robots will carefully lower a cap over the gushing well. officials say this will fit more tightly than the huge containment dome and the smaller top hat, both of which failed. this latest dome would pump the oil 5000 feet up to a waiting rig. as this situation drags on, fatigue is setting in. >> the people who work on controlling this well by now are very tired. they're exhausted, and psychologically, and in fact, because of it, they may be prone to making more errors. >> reporter: meanwhile the people of new orleans let b.p. know exactly how they feel about the spill. >> it's another example of how we've been let down by what is supposed to be propping us up. >> and they're eager for an end to this disaster. it's worth remembering when a similar rig blew out in 1979 they striad dispersants and containment domes but nothing
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worked until the relief wells were completed nearly 10 months later. jeremy hubbard, abc news. >> we we want your two cents on today's topic. there's been talk on what b.p. is trying to do to cap the well and clean up that mess. our producer on the facebook fan page posted the following question: it is time for the u.s. military to take over from b.p.? if you want to share your two cents on today's hot topic, log on to wmar facebook fan page and leave your comment. we'll share them this morning. all right. let's shift gears and talk about the heat that's on here with the humidity climbing, as well. veterans elementary showing up in ellicott city in howard county. our salute to all the veterans this memorial day and all the family that made sacrifices to our nation. 78 is the current temperature almost on target with the normal highs on this day and feeling like 82. pumping in that light easterly
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wind. it's light but the direction is the most important thing. it adzes in more moisture and the discomfort when you combine 79 with the humidity feeling like 83 right now at the harbor school in owings mills. overall, we're basicking looking at the blue sky. starting to turn a little more milky white. we're starting to build in some of those high clouds, and we may actually start to build in lower mid level clouds when that humidity starts to act on the heat of the day and this afternoon could bring us storms. normally, 79 degrees is the high. the record of 96. likely not to be achieved today but we will feel like the record that was set back in 1991. sun came up at 5:43. do you know at 8:46. code orange across the mid atlantic as we build up the pollutants. thank good pes it's not a work day. still that chance that it could aggravate some of the sensitive groufs, the young, feld early and those -- the elderly and those are w. breathing conditions. the heat, humidity and the fact we have not had much sun
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exposure. you can burn in 15 minutes or less. please keep the sunscreen on at the pool today. looking at that heat continuing to build in and add in that humidity. the storms that have been firing up back across the mountains and towards the southwest, this little cluster tries to work its way up the spine of the appalachian, and it could help to trigger showers and storms with the southeasterly flow this afternoon. high pressure parked off the coast. it's helping to funnel in all that stuff in our direction. we have an afternoon that could, could bring us a shower, thunderstorm. forecast model really starting to flare that up at about 4:00. although i do think it will be a little more of a hit and miss. going to the pool, heading out on scott donovan's boats on the chesapeake, or if you happen to be at a barbecue keep an eye to the sky. the sun disappears behind a big cloud. a possibility there could be big boomers behind that. this front comes through tomorrow. it could trigger strong to severe weather with damaging wind and maybe some hail. we will take that rained, extend it through the evening
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hours and take some of that heat and suppress it for a day or two heading to the middle of the week. today, 91 the two-degree guarantee. a straight thunder shower could pop up. shattered showers overnight. 73. and tomorrow about 87 degrees with strong storms arriving into the afternoon and evening. check out the rest of the forecast in the next half hour. right now 9:07. back to you. megan, on this memorial day we're remembering those who served our country and died for our freedom. >> coming up, a look at a somber milestone for those who served and died in afghanistan. also a vietnam veteran. if you are a first time home buyer, help toe keep you from making a bad decision on a mortgage. how it could save you money and headaches down the road. a baltimore county couple thought they got rid of their unwanted suv. instead they only got months of headaches.
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>> thanks for joining us this memorial day weekend. a little red, white and blue. they provided us with this gorgeous bow kay. >> right now, you're going to look at a live picture at arlington national cemetery. right outside of washington, d.c. later this morning -- there is the picture. you will see vice president joe biden he'll take part in the wreath laying ceremony, not president barack obama. presidents traditionally
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participate in an annual memorial day ceremony at arlington, but this year the president is scheduled to lay a wreath and deliver remarks at abraham lincoln's cemetery south of chicago. on this memorial day the country is marking a sobering milestone. 1000 americans killed in afghanistan. on this day at arlington national cemetery and across the country, a grateful nation prepares to pause and remember. abc news diane sawyer looks at some of the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for america. [ gun salute ] [ taps played ] . >> reporter: every name of the fallen, connected to our names. the youngest, six teenagers, all 18 years old. one of them army private first class ira tyler dicey from the colorado river indian tribe tribe. he knew he wanted to be in the military since he was four years old. the oldest, first sergeant jose
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joe crasustuma, a native of guam who died 11 days before his 60th birthday when an i.e.d. detonated near his vehicle. he had retired from the army in 1993 but reenlisted for active service because as his family said, he loved the military. 18 of the dead were women. 24-year-old jeanette lee winters, a radio operator from gary, indiana, was the first female service member to die. january, 2002. at her funeral, her platoon commander, first lieutenant jenny frolidge remembered how she lit up everything around here. >> she was a ray of sunlight and that's the best way to describe her. she really was a ray of sunlight. >> reporter: some had names already written in light. 28-year-old sergeant pat tillman. the former football star for the arizona cardinals who was so moved by 9/11 he gave up his million dollar career to be an army ranger. so many names written in glory.
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there was 30-year-old sergeant first class jared montes who died while repeatedly trying to reach a wounded comrade during a firefighter. he was awarded the nation's highest award for bravery. 21-year-old corporal benjamin copp, an army ranger saved the lives of six in his platoon and in death, saved another life. an organ donor, two days after he died, his heartbeating in someone else. >> i have the heart of a 21- year-old army ranger beating very strongly in me. >> reporter: and as the numbers climb, every story is also our story. every life reaching right into ours. the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan. >> every night, you write personal letters to the families. how much do you descried those letters? do you dread those letters, and
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the increase in letters possibly to come. >> i dread the losses. i don't dread the letters, because that's my way to try to express to the family how much this nation and i appreciate what their son or father or husband did. but i think that i also can reassure them that what we are doing is both right, and it is being done well. so that those sacrifices are not in vein. and on this memorial day we honor our vet trans past and present and say thank you for the immense sacrifices they've made. our next guest is one of those people. he is a vietnam veteran paralyzed from injuries that he suffered under fire. authorizer and harford county state's attorney. joe, thanks for coming in. always good to see you. >> good morning. happy memorial day. >> and to you. thank you for everything you've done. we were just talk about memorial day. what are your thoughts today? i imagine they're probably with you every single day but --
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>> they really are. to me, this is the day when we sort of take time to recognize memorial day, but i think a lot of families, and veterans, every day is a memorial day. we really can't getaway from the thoughts and the memories that we carry from our experiences. and really, now, you've got three-year-old kids, five-year- old kids whose families' members are serving in iraq and afghanistan who are making enormous sacrifices for this country. and i think you got to remember not just the veterans but the families that make sacrifices, too. i still run into parents who lost kids 40 years ago in vietnam, that are still grieving, and still just it's tough for them. >> do you feel like we do it enough? i'm sure on an every day basis we don't but on memorial day so many people think i have a day off work, i can go to pool or run my errands or hang out with my family and maybe not think about the true meaning behind it. >> i think it's frustrating
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especially for vets. friday i went over to the wall to visit the wall to see a special name on the wall, a guy named ronny spedus who was from haver de grace dilled in vietnam. i think about a guy that was in vietnam with me from baltimore, mayo mcclinton who came home. and i look at that as an opportunity of a friend who i didn't get back in touch with soon enough before he passed away. and great people like that. one of the names at the wall i looked up was a red cross girl named jenny kirsh who was murdered in vietnam. these are the kind of names and the thoughts that i carry with me every day, really. and i wish people did stop and understand memorial day is, you know, it's great to have a barbecue and cook out and hit the pool, but it wouldn't -- you know, it wouldn't require too much of you to spend an hour at a memorial day service someplace. >> you went over to vietnam in
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may. you said you were injured in october. >> uh-huh. >> it sounds like you made a lot of long-lasting relationships and friendships in that short period. >> the brotherhood you create, i mean i was with a ranger unit, and so we operated in like six to eight-man teams. and we are probably closer to those three people through your life than you ever find yourself being able to form relationships like that. i mean i still stay in touch with them. i travel down to fort benning probably every other year to attend a reunion with those guys, to catch up with them and just be with them. >> and the devastation from the injury really has not gotten in the way of the things you wanted to accomplish in your life. you are a state's attorney in harford county. tell us about your book. >> i wrote a book called "decoration for valor." and it was a book that i wanted to write after my son was born, because i wanted to tell him, in the beginning, and people
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around me, what it was like in vietnam, but what it was like coming home from vietnam, too. and pits been -- it's been a great experience, because i think the -- the real reward from the book was, i took it to the ranger reunion and a bunch of the guys bought it at the ranger reunion and came up to me later and said great book. great book. and it meant more to me to have those guys accept it than anybody. because you know, if i'd have b.s.ed in the book, they would have known it. and they knew it was a real book from the heart. so it's a book about being in country, and the experience of being in country, but it's a book about coming back, not just of, you know, the ranger in the book, but the nurses, and the focus like that, that i've stayed in touch with over the years. how -- so many vets came back, and there was such an attitude or an expression, a thought of vets as being some sort of
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dysfunctional group off to the side. most of us came back and just tried really hard to get on with our lives. in spite of the experiences that we went through. and those experiences made us stronger, and i think i they formed us a lot in what we've done or in the lives we've chosen. >> you're a great example of that. where can you buy the books? >> it's at the belliard barns & noble. it's in stock or get it online. and the publisher has it online, too. >> joe, always good to see you. happy memorial day. thank you for coming in today. >> thank you. >> find the book on amazon. thank you very much, megan. if you're thinking about buying a home for the first time, there's help with all of those questions. coming up, what information you need to know about mortgages like fha and why a local seminar could help you get more comfortable before buying that home. stay with us. things with my friends
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>> a reminder, we want your two cents on today's hot topic and what b.p. is trying to do to cap and clean up the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. on wmar facebook fan page, we posted the following question for you to comment on: is it time for the u.s. military to take over from b.p.? now, if you want to share your two cents on today's hot topic,
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log on to wmar facebook fan page and leave us your comment. we'll share your comments throughout this morning's newscast. and now to our weekly mortgage monday segment. we are joined by david rat tee. he is the blanche manager of bank of america. buying a home can be very scare spree bank of america is having a seminar about the process of buying a home. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> first tell us a little bit about information that first time home buyers need to know. >> well, there's so much involved with purchasing a home from the point they look at a home to the finances, to home inspection appraisals. it's an enormous amount of information. so that's what we're trying to help people with. to get educated on the process so they can make good decisions. >> and tell us a little bit about why this seminar is so important. on saturday, june 5. why is this so important? >> as we've seen over the past few years, people have made mistakes. when it comes to buying a home, really the wealth of
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information is out there but people don't know where to find it. it's challenging to buy a home when most of the people around you that have purchased a home have only bought one or two in their lifetime. that's the advice most people are buying homes with. we're trying to expand that knowledge base for people so when they buy a home they can feel good about what they're doing. >> very good point. who will attend this seminar. it starts at 9:00 on saturday. who is going to be there? who can they talk to? >> well brian mobley real estate will be there to talk about the process of looking at homes and investigating different properties. there will be housing counselors there to talk about credit improvement, and what people can do to -- to improve their credit scores. there will be home inspectors there to talk about what to look for in homes. there will be housing agencies there to talk about grants and closing cost assistance. >> wow. very good information. >> yes. >> and what about the fha guidelines? what should consumers know? some things are sort of changing. >> fha guidelines have changed
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recently. they have increased their mortgage insurance premium that they charge to do a loan. it has an impact, not a huge impact, but they're also discussing other changes that may be coming such as increasing down payment requirements, lessening the ability of the seller to help with closing costs. also reduce the risk on an fha loan. that is yet to be seen when that may be implemented but lots of changes have been happening the last couple years, actually. >> and another important question. grant money for closing costs. when it's time to sign people want money to help them. what about the closing costs? >> that's been a real big help over the past couple of years, is grant money and incentive money from the municipalities, from the county and city and state of maryland. and those programs are every- changing. they'll get funded and have a specific amount of money to help people to purchase homes, whether it be first time home buyers or foreclosed properties
9:26 am
and then go through that money and they'll issue new funds. we will 53 a lot of information about those programs and what's available to help people get into homes. >> and what information do we need to know? this is saturday, june 5. tell us about it. >> saturday june 5 at 9:00 at the hilton hotel in pikesville. >> and they can see the information on their screen right there. >> and they can register at >> kicks off at 9 a.m. >> 9 a.m. sharp. >> are you going to be there? >> i'm going to be there. >> all right. answering lots of questions. because it can be a tough process. it's scary. >> it is. >> and confusing to some people. >> so the hope is that this knowledge will help eliminate some fear. >> thanks so much for joining us, david. we appreciate it. let's check in with megan. >> thanks, shar re. good stuff. stay with us this morning. we have more to tell you, including a luthurville couple says they were taken for a ride after selling their car. find out why they still had to make payments on a car they didn't even have anymore. advice for you, too, if you are a holiday car buyer before you make that purchase.
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>> and could there be a cure for breast cancer? the cleveland clinic says they may have a vaccine. how soon until we see it in action? we'll be right back. my dad...
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>> now to our weekly pump watch. if you did some driving this weekend, you probably enjoyed lower gas prices. according to aaa, the average price of regular gas in the baltimore area is $2.71 a gallon today. that's down 6 cents in a week and 11 in a month. nationally the average price is now 2.73. also down 6 cents in a week and 15 cents in a month. they sold their car and got a raw deal in return. a baltimore county couple had to keep making payments on a car that they didn't even have anymore, just to save their credit. josie sterman explains why. >> very glad to see it back. >> it's where it belongs. >> reporter: it might seem strange for a couple who sold their car to seem so happy about having it again. but for andy and penny see bolt, seeing this suv in their
9:31 am
driveway is sweet relief. >> we've lost sleep, we've been sick. >> reporter: all because of the deal this luthurville couple made with a laurel company. we buy cars. they say the company offered to buy their car for $18,000. they owed $21, so they wrote a check for the difference and tell us the company agreed to pay off their loan. >> they came with the tow truck, picked up the car. we signed the paperwork. >> and they took it away. >> reporter: but weeks later they learned their loan was never paid, even though we buy cars faxed them this copy of the check. >> that's when i knew we were taken. >> reporter: taken by a company that's now closed its doors. their laurel offices are nearly empty, and abandoned and the owners are nowhere to be seen, taking penney's car and cash along with them. it took the see bolts two months of serving to finally find their car and it had changed hands four times since they had seen it last and finally ended up near the ohio border. >> we have been from baltimore to the ohio line and back. >> reporter: but it was worth
9:32 am
the miles to save their credit. because these guys would have had to keep making payments, even though someone else had taken their car. >> they need to go to jail for a long time for what he's done. >> reporter: the couple feel what's happened is highway robbery and they want justice. for now they just feel lucky to have a second chance to start over. >> are you going to keep it now or sell it? >> we're going to sell it. but we're going to be very cautious. >> sell it the right way. >> reporter: in luthurville, josie stirman, abc2 news. >> we wanted to talk with the owner of we buy cars but the phone number for his business and home have been disconnected. another company, we buy autos, says it's taken over the business. the owner of that company says they're not affiliated with we buy cars but he wouldn't give us his name. >> thanks, cheri. on mondays, our car guru scott donoghue gives us advice. watching that story, i asked you what could that couple have done differently? >> well, one thing, and i
9:33 am
always caution consumers, new car dealers are much better capitalized. used car independent dealers tend not to be as well capitalized, so it's a bit of a buyer beware situation when you're dealing with an independent used vehicle dealer. >> sure. >> unfortunately for that couple, there will be some breaking news next week about mercury. and that was a mercury mountaineer. >> right. so i hope they've got their paperwork cleared and get that transaction done, get that car sold quickly. because the value on that car is going to drop precipitously in the next two weeks. >> you know something we don't know? >> there's going to be a major announce from ford next week they will be drop the mercury brand. >> wow. >> all right. we will have to stay tuned for that. this is is the time when there's a lot of great sales going on. it's memorial day. >> big holiday sales. >> big holiday sales and a lot of people are looking for something to do.
9:34 am
hey, i need a new car. you said there are a couple of things to keep in mind. >> dos and don'ts, right. >> sour so your advice you said on this list first research the internet. >> spend some hours on the internet, visit the manufacturer's websites. if you think you're interested in a ford look at all the fords on the website. if you think you want a toyota or chevy, etc. look at the websites, spend a lot of time. go through the packages, the options. looking at things you are going to want, you aren't going to need. narrowing it down. it's a wonderful place to do research unbiased, actual facts. and you can make your own informed decision about what brand and model you really like. i always advice research on the internet. >> you say don't make an emotional purchase. i know you used to own car dealerships. did you see that a lot? >> over the years i've seen that a zillion times. young couple expecting their first child and she's only a
9:35 am
little bit along the way come out and buy a minivan, ok? and three years later they're back, realize this is -- or even a year, six months, they're back, this is too big, i can't park it, blah, blah. think it through. don't make an emotional, rash decision. i've seen couples buy a little coupe because it's a hot looking car and they like it. and then six months later, they're expecting, they're turning around trading it. think it through. >> think it through. that's tough because you get emotional when you buy stuff. >> we want you to as a car dealer. >> sure. then you also say shop your trade-in prior. >> yes. you know, it's always important to be armed with the facts. now, unfortunately, that preceding story right across -- they set up shop right across the street from car max. i recommend, i recommend consumers take their car to car max and get an appraisal. >> ok.
9:36 am
>> you have a basis to start any negotiation with a car dealer. and most consumers say well, i looked at the book. well, you really can't tell anything, even if you have a copy of the book. i've done this for years and years. i used to do a drill with managers, have five managers appraise one car and i'd end up with five different figures. >> boo. >> and then the last one is the financing. you said don't finance before you check out everything. >> well, yes. because case in point. suppose you were going to get zero% for 60 months. that sounds like a great deal, ok, in lieu of the $4000 rebate. but if you are only going to keep your car two years you would be better off taking the $4000 rebate paying a few points of interest, and getting rid of it in two years. you'd be way ahead of the curve. >> scott, i appreciate you coming in. it's memorial day. i know you love your boat. very nice of you to drive your boat up here. are you going to hop back in
9:37 am
it? >> i am. it's parked right out there on york road. >> good to see you. happy memorial day. he has good advice. >> thank you, megan. there are reports of a medical break through in the fight against cancer. researchers say they've come up with a vaccine that may not only treat but also prevent a major health threat to women. if you're planning on having crabs today enjoy but will there be enough for later? 9:37. summer feels like it's here right now. 79 from the top of the hour at bwi marshall with humidity at 74%. can you see the haze? tell you something, you step outside you'll feel it. temperatures surging into the 90s. may be some storms today and more storms tomorrow. more on that forecast, and more good morning maryland when we come back.
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>> cleveland clinic researchers say they have made a discovery that may lead to a cure for breast cancer. >> in a study just released today the researchers say they've come up with a vaccine that may not only treat but also prevent one of the biggest threats to women. alicia booth from our sister station wews shows us how. >> reporter: one thing that runs in becca martelo's family is the ability to beat breast cancer starting with her mom. >> she was diagnosed six weeks after i was born.
9:41 am
she was 39 and i was diagnosed on my 39th birthday. >> becca was stage 4, the most advanced kind. she endured chemo therapy, a mastectomy, radiation and a hysterectomy. and the thought that other women one day may not have to g through that leaves her almost speechless. >> i can't really believe it yet. i am so thrilled. it's just amazing. >> reporter: the cleveland clinic's dr. vincent tuohy and his researchers have worked for the last eight years, testing a potential vaccine for breast cancer. he says a single vaccination prevents breast cancer tumors from forming in animals while stop the growth of existing tumors. >> think of breast tumors as drunks in a war. they say -- in a bar. they say and do things they shouldn't do. that's exactly what breast tumors do. they make lactation proteins. >> # >> reporter: the vaccine targets that protein. the research is published in the journal nature of medicine
9:42 am
and dr. tuohy is anxious to move to the next level. >> we are waiting for money. the team is assembled. we are ready to go and we need funding. >> reporter: then they'll recruit the patients to begin phase 1 of the human testing. survivors like becca don't think they'll have any trouble. >> i would be first in line if i could. >> reporter: while this discovery is exciting and has great potential, it's important to remember it's a big leap from results in animals to similar results in humans. but the team at the cleveland clinic is optimistic we will one daisy a vaccine to prevent -- one day see a vaccine to therefore cure breast cancer. we'll let you know when they start test the vaccine in humans. hopefully sometime within the next year. alicia booth on your side. >> that would be great. >> it would be. one local group is combining great food, great art and music for a great cause. >> get your hands dirty if you want to. celebrating 30 years of a real gem in the community. and coming up, we're loading up on the sumner maryland.
9:43 am
crabs, we love to pick them, clean them. but are there enough to go around? v
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> memorial day weekend is the unofficial start of the summer season. of course, summertime in maryland means crabs. so what's the status of our favorite christian tation as we
9:46 am
head -- crustation as we head into another crap picking season? >> reporter: alex knows his grabs. al's seafood has been serving up the steamed crabs in essex for decades. but is memorial day too early for good crabs in >> all year. crabs are just as good, it's all the same crab. >> reporter: visiting oirl fan jared douglas agrees. >> i could eat crabs from january to december. >> why not? never too early. >> reporter: on pratt street, these visitor from fairfax are celebrating a johns hopkins graduation with what else? crabs. they've come to o'bricky's. whose reputation precedes it. >> it's in the book 1000 places to see before you die. >> reporter: local crab lovers are keeping a careful eye on the gulf oil spill. as of now the impact seems minimal. >> the gulf stream if you're following the oil spill it may go in the gulf stream and affect maryland, possibly. >> reporter: al thinks maryland's new crabbing regulations have been worthwhile.
9:47 am
>> they're making strides i think. in fact next week you're not allowed to catch any females in the chesapeake bay for a 10 day period, i believe. >> reporter: $175 will get you a bushel of maryland nice sized crabs. >> this is a bushel of maryland crabs. nothing really big as you can see. five and a half feet crabs, compared to louisiana number one. >> reporter: at al's they're selling mostly maryland crabs. so for this weekend, at least you can be fairly confident that the crabs you eat today slept last night in the chesapeake bay. in essex, tim rutherford, abc2 news. here is a question this morning. what could be better than great feud, music, shopping, wonderful art all to benefit a real gem in our community? it's the fire and spice block party with the annual second sale preview and it marks the summer celebration of baltimore clay works 30th anniversary. laura cohen is here with jim dugan this morning to tell us
9:48 am
about this. thanks for coming in, especially on memorial day. >> oh, no problem. >> reporter: g first of all, what's baltimore clay works? >> do you want to take it? >> baltimore clay works is a private nonprofit ceramics organization that has been in the community for 30 years to provide classes, and firing, and any ceramic activities in the community, around the community. >> can anyone go and take a class? you have to be an experienced artist? >> oh, no. absolutely not. anyone can come in. we're open six days a week 10 to 5 monday through saturday. sign up for a class or visit us in our studio. buy some work. and if you live in the surrounding community, we do community classes as well. >> now, it is really kind of an interesting place, if somebody's not familiar with it, and you just said you can buy some artwork. how would you describe it to somebody who's never been there and never seen it? >> it is a place where artists work. there's professional artists. people come and play with clay.
9:49 am
take classes to learn more about clay. on any level, whether you want to play with some clay or learn to be a serious artist working in clay, baltimore clay works provides that for anybody in the community. and our gallery brings in work from around the nation and around the world. indeed, that is free and open to the public to come and view. >> 30 years. what does that mean for baltimore? >> it means a lot. because we have been sustainable for 30 years and we've -- i mean from having our place in mount washington and expanding and things like that. we're also all over the city in different capacities. we have sustainable satellite studios making the arts affordable and accessible, especially to communities that have little or no access to the arts. from having our location in mount washington we have been a real permanent mark in the city. >> which has to feel good especially in the time when it's a bad economy that you can say here is something that everyone can enjoy and everyone can appreciate. >> one of the great things about clay is an art medium. anybody can do it. it's not like you have to have some special artistic gift. it's like anybody can pick up a piece of clay and make
9:50 am
something out of it. >> there is going to be a big party, it's on friday. tell us about this. block party? >> it's a block party. we're going to do lots of different things. jim has some friends coming who are musicians. >> we have bands coming in. we're going to have barbecue, and all kinds of activities for people, as well as the second sale which is a huge opportunity. >> yeah. >> what is that? >> to buy ceramic art for very discounted prices. so, it's pieces from all the different artists, whether they be students or resident artists or professionals from around the country who send us pieces. and they're extremely discounted prices. because maybe the glaze didn't come out, just like the potter wanted, or maybe it has a little chip or something in it. it's a perfectly good pot, but for some reason or another they were seconds. >> it's a really great opportunity to fill your cupboard with beautiful mugs. >> you took a chick phren the grocery store, but play on that. what is that? a hammered chicken contest >> take a chicken and season and it wrap it in foil and then
9:51 am
take clay and roll it into a spot and wrap the chicken. then you, you know, create a corrupter basically a chicken sculpture. >> i love it. >> then you bake it in the oven for a while. maybe an hour. and then it comes out and it's cooked in great and you just take a hammer and smash it open. >> it sounds like it's going to be a great party. all the information will be up for you. june 4th which is friday. look at your screen. there is the website to go to if you want to learn more about baltimore clay works. from 6 to 10. music and everything. all in mount washington. a neat building and a great cause. check it out, the fire and spice block party. jim, laura, thanks for coming in. happy memorial day. cheri. oh. no. cheri. we'll be right back then we'll talk to cheri.
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>> looking outside right now. just load the latest temperatures here. oh, yuck. i mean come on. 84? it's not even 10:00 in the morning. there's nothing fun about that. even those of you that want the heat there's just no -- tim, no, no. our camera operator is shaking his head yeah, this is good stuff.
9:55 am
good stuff if your feet are in the pool. otherwise don't encourage you to stay outside today for any extended period of time. you will noise the humidity out there. at least if you're out there take it easy, drink plenty of water, a lot of sunscreen. we are looking at the temperature, 84 right now, feels like 89. and that wind already out of the southeast. that is continuing to pump in more of that moisture. check this out. temperatures across the board just adjusted for you. with 80s widespread. from 80 in northeast, 82 perry hall and hickory, and back towards ellicott city. we factor in the humidity there, feels like 86 already. and look at that. 92. not a good time. normally we should expect 79 in the state. we've passed that. 96 the record. the deal is, temperatures are probably going to holt. probably slow their progress around noon or 1:00. it will get up into the lower 90s, no doubt. the humidity will make it feel much warmer into the mid and upper 90s. we have a code orange air quality alert for today. but once we start developing more of that haze in the sky, that southeast wind coming off
9:56 am
of the chesapeake acts as a natural refrigerant, although it's not really going to cool us down today. it will keep us from getting too hot. we got the wind pumping in the heat, the humidity. already storms firing up in ohio, already storms back down the spine of the appalachian. this little crust her come in late in the -- cluster will come in late in the afternoon. chances of rain will be increasing thanks to what's happening in north and south carolina right now. basically what we see is going to be the chance of some storms firing up, anywhere from 4 to 8:00. our computer model may be over doing it a bit but tomorrow will be a strong line of storms that will break the heat pattern. a few hours of rain. maybe gusty winds and severe storms embedded, and then we actually dry it out by mid week. for today, 91 the two degree guarantee. feels like about 95 to 97. and some relief from some strong storms, could be some heavy downpours the afternoon and evening. 73 muggy overnight. tomorrow we'll get to about 87. stronger storms in the
9:57 am
afternoon. 88, partly cloudy, less humid on wednesday. more heat on thursday, low 90s again. and then the 80s with just afternoon showers into next weekend. >> i can't believe how hot it is for the last day of may. >> i know. >> you don't like it? >> no. can you tell? i'm not going fake it. >> you don't like any severe weather. >> if the air conditioning was working better. here we go. weekend box office. number 5 robin hood. >> wow. over $10 million. number first down, iron man 2. over 16 million. prince of per sade boyd at number 3. number 2, sex in the city. and number one -- i don't think shrek liked the heat, either. it's cool in the swamp. number one for two weeks in a row. way to go. >> see you tomorrow. happy memorial day.
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